Press the button “online quote”, upload your file, choose the colors, materials and then we show you the cost right away.


Now you just have to proceed with you purchase entering the quantity and the shipping information.


The average delivery time of our products is 7 days. Free delivery for orders over 100€.


Quality and accuracy for your project

Our modern equipment allows us to maintain excellent quality standards. Thanks to our printers HP Jet Fusion 580 we are able to respond with high precision and fast lead time to any request.

Do you have an idea or a project to realize?

If you have an idea but not a physical project to upload, we can help you!
We have a team of capable drafters and designer that can help you in your journey.

I have the project file

Insert your file into the online quote generator!

I don't have the project file

Send us your drawings or a detailed description.

Have you go an idea?

We can realize your dreams.

How much does the printing cost?

You can discover the prize right away without any wait! In fact, thanks to our new online quote generator, you will able to upload your project, select the material and the printing that you like most, see a 3D preview before the printing starts, scale the project and know the prize instantly and automatically!

Can I see the object?

You can see your object before the printing starts or during the 3D making via 3D software and during the rendering, valuing the best final result.

We leave to you the choice

We can make your project public and allow the replica on other 3D devices or just keeping the project private.

Support before the purchase

You will be assisted during all the procedure by our specialist to evaluete the feasibility and the most suited materials for the required performances of your product.

What happens if the printing goes wrong?

On the off chance that the printing doesn’t satisfy your requirements we suggest you to send the print back to us. It will be analysed and you will be able to choose between a new print of the same project or be refunded.


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